It’s a very fun way to get my mind off the mundane tasks that I sometimes have to do at work. It’s a podcast about the history of the internet, and all the quirky things people have done with it since its invention. I recently listened to a fascinating episode about the inventor of the pop-up ad, and how he feels like he ruined the internet with it.

Whether it’s about a new product or an update on company policy, podcasts allow businesses to get the word out in a concise and engaging format. Plus, podcasts can be easily shared through email or social media, ensuring your message reaches your employees. Finding ways to optimize efficiency is essential for both businesses and individuals.

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This style of learning forces focus AND presents plenty of practice opportunities. But compared to the early days, I’m far more strategic about what I listen to and when. But podcasts are a remarkably different medium for consuming information.

Studies have shown that listening to amazing podcasts can help people transform from coal to diamonds, shining under intense work pressure. Using a podcast hosting solution such as Podbean, which provides user engagement intelligence on the system, you can get insights and follow the employees who complete training podcasts. With this data, you can better understand your employees’ behaviors and adjust your next content accordingly. Internal podcasts are customizable tools that provide a convenient and engaging way to learn about new tools and strategies. Especially when the podcasts are shaped in story form, they tend to widen their influential effect because the listeners remember it longer in storytelling.

Modern Love

They do commentary on women’s rec league basketball games in LA for a team called the Pistol Shrimps, and know absolutely nothing about sports—so hilarity ensues. In the last offseason, they called the shots for mini-golf games with the Pistol Shrimps players. This show covers the journeys former presidents took to get into The Oval Office, their personalities, and their decisions while in office. Best of all, the host always asks, ‘What would a blind date with this person be like? ’ which is a great way to get insight into what these historic figures were like outside of the public sphere.

podcasts while working

Every episode is packed with lessons and insights that never expire. Given how much time we spend on the internet, it pays to take a peek at the potential threats! Darknet Diaries is a series of true stories from the dark side of the Internet. This is a podcast about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network.

Read Less. Learn More.

Corporate podcasts are intimate mediums with their private nature when it’s used to communicate with employees. It provides an innovative way to engage with the employees in a friendly and organic way. Audio broadcasting can add a human touch to corporate communications while attracting employees with its entertaining feature.

Surrounded by so much noise and too many distractions, there will be moments when you will want to be alone. But it won’t always be so easy to find a private space to work; coffee shops get full, libraries are too quiet, and the cafeteria is just not an option. Podcasts can provide you with the escape you need without having to leave the four corners of your room.

You may be listening to the same music or podcasts that you listened to through your headphones in the office. Or you may have decided you need something completely different to get you through your work-at-home days. This is a spectacularly thought-provoking podcast that never fails to change how I view the world in some way, big or small. There are so many good episodes to pick from, but I’ll keep it to my two absolute favorites.

podcasts while working

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