The most frustrating absence is stocks, which are entirely missing, though traders can at least speculate on stock markets through index CFDs. CySEC is a top-tier regulator that helps ensure LimeFx follows strict business standards and implements safeguards like negative balance protection and segregated client funds. However, profits can only be withdrawn to a bank account or a crypto wallet. Bank transfers are subject to a US$500 minimum threshold and incur fees in excess of US$30.

  1. Traders are lavished with a unique concoction of premium services and low-cost trading solutions, rendering the ECN XL Account as the unanimous choice for traders around the globe.
  2. LimeFx stands as a quintessential ECN – STP broker, diligently aligning every trade that our clients make within an Electronic Configured Network (ECN), facilitated through a Straight Through Processing (STP) method.
  3. A Forex e-book and educational glossary are also included under the LimeFx “Education & Research” header.
  4. Please visit the company’s website for a list of all payment methods.

We aim to provide our clients with the most competitive forex spreads available, even under turbulent market conditions and during pivotal data and news releases, ensuring a sustained trading advantage. This execution model promises no dealer intervention, and no re-quotes, ensuring trades are made on prices furnished to LimeFx by its liquidity providers. The Price Aggregator meticulously scans these, thus assuring traders invariably acquire the best available Bid/Ask price combinations. LimeFx, with its extensive offerings, superior trading conditions, and a robust commitment to transparency and reliability, remains a preferred choice for traders. While every broker has its unique set of pros and cons, the advantages of trading with LimeFx significantly outweigh the cons, making it a vibrant trading hub in the financial marketplace. With its stringent adherence to CySEC regulations, LimeFx grants clients access to a consummate Forex model STP/ECN, establishing itself as a non-market maker, distinctly separating it from Dealing Desk brokers.

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LimeFx deposits are free, easy, and instant (if you pay by card or crypto). You limefx courses scam could also receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to US$2,000.

It accepts all trading styles and Expert Advisors on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Its MetaTrader 4 integration provides a smooth trading experience, with no lags and only minimal slippage. It accepts all trading styles and Expert Advisors, including scalping robots, without restrictions.

If you have traded with LimeFx we would really like to know about your experience – please submit your own review. This average customer rating is based on 2 LimeFx customer reviews submitted by our visitors. The international subsidiary, on the other hand, operates with limited oversight, and this holds the broker back from achieving a higher score. I used the live chat function on several occasions and received timely responses in a few minutes each time.

Increase capital efficiency

If you want to check out this broker’s services and trading platform, just open a free demo account with no minimum deposit. We prioritize providing transparent pricing coupled with competitive forex spreads and the most cutting-edge trading platforms. We equip our clients with all the essential forex trading tools needed for success, including access to MetaTrader 4 forex software.

LimeFx Review and Information 2024

Leverage is like a financial magnifying glass—it allows traders to control larger positions with a smaller amount of their own capital. It’s akin to borrowing money from a broker to make bigger trades than you could on your own. Your trading style will greatly dictate your use of leverage and margin.

Client Fund Segregation: A Pillar of Trust

The FAQ section answers many of the most common questions, and LimeFx is transparent about its products and services. Most traders are unlikely to require additional assistance unless of an emergency. LimeFx provides clients with daily technical analysis for the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY. While each analysis is brief, it features all required information for traders to take a position.

This is a rare feature that you don’t see at many rivals, and a promising sign of transparency. The sign-up process is also pleasingly simple and there is a swap-free solution for Muslim traders available upon request. That said, this broker does implement negative balance protection across both EU and offshore entities, unlike alternatives such as Fusion Markets. Immerse yourself in the realm of unadulterated straight through processing and elevate your trading journey.

Big names such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are available, as well as altcoins Monero, ZCash, Dash and Ripple. While crypto derivatives are unavailable from many brokers operating in the UK due to an FCA ruling, LimeFx’s CySEC regulation means that they can offer crypto CFDs to UK clients. Margin, in a general sense, can be imagined as an amount that can be treated as a deposit done in good faith.

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